Buzzards Appreciation Day

Though it was forecast to be very windy and unpleasant – as is often the case the weather reality was a pretty fair day. Though a little breezy it was not bad but definitely not a thermal day. Jody and his dad Blaine got out early with Raed and Rick and set up a winch so we could get some flying in. Costa and Leife were there too getting some adjustments done on the ex Miller Edge. Tom Galloway made an appearance as did Jerry and a bunch of electric guys who I must apologize to – for not remembering their names. Rusty and arrived to set up the BBQ and by noon hamburgers and hot dogs were rolling off the grill. Everybody enjoyed a good day of comraderie and flying to officially start the year off at the Buzzards Field. I flew my Duck for 8 launches, shooting landings and attempting 5 minute tasks. With virtually zero thermal activity today the only hope was top slope the Northern treeline which worked quite successfully to lengthen most of my flights to 5 minutes or close. Raed maidened his gorgeous new Red on Yellow JW Ruby and did it fly well. A really nice ship and should give Raed a great platform for the 2M challenge this year. Rick was flying his Laser and like me found the air unfriendly with most downhill wherever we flew. The guys flew a few electrics between the slight drizzle which persisted. Though the weather wasn’t very co-operative for the Appreciation day it was still a great success and all that turned up had a great time.

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  1. Raed Elazzawi says:

    Thanks Gordon for the report, when did you have time to write it, on the airplane? anyway, I wanted to added a thank you to all that showed up, and to Rusty for grilling with the new “Grillderbeast” (grill cart)
    The weather didn’t turn out as bad as we all thought, it was windy at times, with a few sprinkles. After lunch it actually got calm (about 8-10 mph) so I got afew more trim flights on the Ruby.

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