June 14 2014 Meeting minutes at the Christmas field

Orlando Buzzards
Meeting Minutes for June 14, 2014

The June meeting was held at the Christmas field and called to order at 10:00 am by president Raed Elazzawi. 8 members and one guest were present.
Minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer Lewis Gray presented his report.
Old Business
Camping-County declared no overnight camping allowed at this time.
Port o potty – Lewis reported that the port o potty was found in the pond and recovered by county employees from Fort Christmas Park, apparently by action of vandels. Anderson moved unit to new location per county recommendation.
Sign – Lee Bailey indicated he will stain the wood frame of the sign.
Storage container – Raed is still searching for a suitable container, best price so far is $1650 plus delivery charge.
Post and roof shelter – Raed sent the shelter sketch to the county representative (Matt Suedmeyer) for preliminary approval. Doug Leonard suggested we look into ready made metal shelters at more reasonable cost. He will do more research as to cost, shape and size.
AMA insurance – Raed sent a copy of the site liability insurance policy to Matt.
Mowing- Lee Bailey acquired a bigger mower that he will use to mow the runway.
Runway damage- Raed contacted Andy Fox about using his tractor to ease in the runway repairs, Raed acquired orange construction plastic barrier mesh for protection from hogs to be put down during a work party scheduled for June 28
College field mowing- Raed reported that the college field has been mowed
New Business
The Summer Solstice DLG contest is scheduled for June 20-22 at the Christmas field
A work party is scheduled for June 28 to work on the runway.
Our three members in the US F3J team will be leaving for Slovakia early July
Meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:23 am.
Minutes submitted by Raed Elazzawi-Club president.

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