2M Challenge Series 2012

This bi-annual series was started in 2008 by Rich Kiburis. Rich was a long standing member of the Buzzards who has been flying sailplanes since the 70’s. Rich decided to CD a contest series at the Buzzards every year with the format alternating each year between 2 Meter competition and RES. Last year the series was contested with RES airplanes. This year 2012 with 2M and next year presumably we will be flying this series with RES again. Rich CD’d 4 Saturday events through the year in 2010 with some very beautiful 1st 2nd and 3rd place trophys being awarded at seasons end to the flyer with the highest cumulative score for all four rounds. Rich started the series because he believes this encourages participation in every event and if last years RES series is anything to go by the concept seems to work.
2012 has 4 dates for this event as follows.

June 3rd 2011 -Buzzards Barr St Contest Report

June 23rd 2011 – IRKS Cocoa Contest Report

August 18th 2011 – IRKS Cocoa Contest Report

October 6th 2011 – Buzzards Oviedo Contest

Each event is to be held at the Buzzards home field in either Oviedo or Barr St or the IRKS field at Cocoa. Starting time 9:45am with pilots meeting planned at 9:30 am. Dust off your old 2 Meter and bring her out for a fun day. See you there.

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