October 5th 2013 Meeting minutes

Orlando Buzzards
Meeting Minutes for October 05, 2013

The September meeting was held at the Seminole State College field and called to order at 10:10 am by president Raed Elazzawi. 5 members were present.
Minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer’s report was not available.
Old Business
FSS #6 at IRKS moved to Nov 9 & 10 to avoid conflict with AeroTow event on previous weekend.
Tangerine contest directors are: Don Grisham (ALES Friday); Raed (RES Friday); Tom Galloway (Unlimited Saturday); Rick Eckel (Unlimited Sunday). Unlimited event will be man on man with the pilot matrix assigned randomly for the first three rounds and then seeded for each round thereafter. The top scoring pilots will launch first in each round – except maybe the final round each day.
ALES contest proposal by Don Grisham – Buzzards will host at Kennyworld on the last weekend in January, 2014.
New Business
Christmas field – more dirt for runway is expected. Orange County may give a tractor to Parks and Recreation for keeping at the field.
FSS #7 has been moved to Dec 7 & 8.
Club officers for 2014 were elected:
President – Raed Elazzawi
VP – Rick Eckel
Secretary – Tom Galloway
Treasurer – Lewis Gray
Safety Officer – Gordon Buckland

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:20 am.
Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway, Club Secretary

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