ALES Report – Fantasy of Flight – 02/25/2012

Mid-Florida Mid-Winter ALES Report – per Don Grisham on RC Groups

Saturday’s Flying
For those of you who didn’t show up on Saturday because of the weather forecast, you missed a great day of soaring. We had thin scattered clouds and the wind never blew more than 12 mph….most of the time less. We’ll be back at it again in the morning (Sun. 9am). Today we flew seven full rounds in both 2Meter and Unlimited with a throw-out.

The weather forecast for Saturday was to be overcast with scattered rain showers and a north wind at 18mph. In actuality, we had a maximum wind of 12mph and only thin, scattered clouds. The lift was cyclical, with
some groups making their times and others being hammered down in about 3 minutes.
Fortunately for those who got hammered, we were normalizing the scores. We did 7
minute rounds for the entire day and were finished by 3:00 in the afternoon. Ray Alonzo
was the man to beat all day in both 2 Meter and Unlimited. He took first place in both

We were fortunate to have competitors from Louisiana, Tennessee and Ohio, along with
our local competitors.

Saturday’s results were:

2 Meter:
1st Place – Ray Alonzo
2nd Place – Rick Eckle
3rd Place – Dale Rupert

1st Place – Ray Alonzo
2nd Place – Paul Parret
3rd Place – Bob Jessee

My congratulations to the winners, especially Ray!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!


On Sunday, the pilots’ meeting was at 9:00 am and we were flying by 9:30. The weather forecast was again grim, with scattered rain showers and 18mph winds predicted. Actually, it was overcast, with a max wind of 9mph, with an average of 7-8mph. Again, we were able to fly seven complete rounds with a throw-out, and completed flying, had a
Raffle and gave out awards – all by 2:00 pm.

Lift was difficult to find, but once more, Ray Alonzo was the man. He took first in both 2 Meter and Unlimited and ultimately was pronounced Grand Champion of the event.

We had a great group of competitors from Tennessee: Larry Oslund, Chet Lesh & Garry
Rogers. Paul Perret joined us from New Orleans and Dale Rupert came down from
Toledo, Ohio. The Orlando Buzzards were represented by Rick Eckel and Raed Elazzawi.

Our regular score-keeper, Rick Driggers, was called away at the last minute due to a family
emergency. Conley Whiddon and his wife, Stephanie, stepped up and volunteered to do
the scoring, even though Conley had planned to fly in both Classes. Thanks very much, Conley.

Everyone expressed pleasure with the format and timing of the two-day event. I think the
unfortunate weather forecast kept some competitors from joining us. Hope to see you all next time.

Our next one-day event is May 5th. Pilots’ Meeting at 10:00am at the Mid-Florida Fantasy
of Flight RC field. I’m looking forward to it and hope you will also!

Your CD,
Don Grisham

Sunday’s 2 Meter Winners:

1 – Ray Alonzo 6278
2 – Dale Rupert 5253
3 – Paul Perret 4751

Unlimited Winners:

1 – Ray Alonzo 6296
2 – Paul Perret 5559
3 – Bob Jessee 4591

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