Buzzards DLG – 06/06/09

Raed Elazzawi – CD Report
Neither wind, rain nor snow (well…hail) would stop this adventurous bunch from having a DLG contest. It started out a little breezy (9-10 mph) then in the middle of round 4 thunder and lightning followed by rain and hail stopped us for about an hour. After the rain stopped we had lunch and finished round four then flew two more rounds. We were lucky enough to be joined by a previous Orlando Buzzards member with a Lighthawk, I hope we see more of you Mickey, also Roy from Gainesville joining us for the first time.
Here are the final scores (out of a possible 6000):

Roy Berkelhammer–5924–Vixen
Gordon Buckland–5791–Vixen
Peter Jensen–5592–Lighthawk (I think) and XP5
Ed White–5504–Taboo
David Forbes–5390–Vixen
Rusty Carver–4806–SWII
Mickey Nowell–4119–Lighthawk

Raed Elazzawi–3307–Falken

Thanks for all that showed to fly and also to those who showed up to watch.

RCGroups thread here.

Great photos in this Gallery courtesy of Peter Jensen and his wonderful camera. Thankyou again Peter.

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