Meeting minutes Dec 2016

Minutes for December 2016 Meeting
This meeting was held November 26 at the Christmas field. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by president Raed Elazzawi. A total of 8 members and four guests were present.
The Treasurer’s report was read. There was $479.80 collected (Rocket Group shared expenses and facilities, member dues), and $1,174.66 was disbursed (mowing, Seminole State Field fees, Port-O-Let fees, and web hosting).
Old Business
Member Lee Bailey donated an FAA approved wind sock and mount for display at the entrance to the Christmas field.
There was good turnout at the Tangerine contest, many of the members showed up in support. The contest netted $611.00, to be included in the next Treasurer’s report. There will be changes to reduce expenses next year, including shirts, no food on Sunday, and a raffle may be added.
New Business
The Toys for Tots Event will be held on 12/3/2016 at Christmas field, admission will be a new unwrapped toy valued at or greater than $12.
Sailplane day scheduled for 12/17 will be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, and will be held sometime in early 2017.
Carlos Marin, Tom Tomasetti, and Robert Goplen, were present and were nominated, seconded, and elected for membership in the Orlando Buzzards.
The meeting was adjourned at about 10:30.
Minutes submitted by Mark Snyder

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