Gainesville DLG – 08/22/09

The Gordon Report
Great day for DLG except for the early finish due to approaching FL storms. The morning started with a Pilots briefing around 8:30 am and after a few hiccups with the timing system we were underway shortly after. It was great to see some new faces at a DLG contest in FL with Jody Miller (brother to expert pilot Nathan) and JW though clearly not new to DLG – was new to FL DLG. 16 pilots were in attendance to fly and that is great as we keep growing the number each contest in FL.
We managed to fly 5 rounds with two separate flight groups before the weather arrived. The contest was well organized again by San Felasco Ed (Scorer), Tom Shupe (CD) and David Forbes. Lunch was organized for everyone by the ladies and plenty of cold water was available to quench our thirsts.
The first round was 5 X 2 minutes which was pretty difficult early on as the scores indicated. JW led the way immediately winning his group with most of the rest of us fairly well short of the potential minutes available. By the second round lift was coming through the field on a gentle breeze of about 4 or 5 mph in regular intervals and finding the right spot in the sky was a little easier and a lot more maxes were obtained by the rest of the field. The third round was also pretty good lift available and most pilots found some good air to get away in. As is typical with many DLG contests sometimes almost everybody in the group could be found in the same thermal. This resulted in a couple of midairs – one of which was quite spectacular with both aircraft locked together spinning down to about 20 feet before they disengaged their embrace to complete their individual flights. Amazing.
By the 4th and 5th rounds the wind was a little stronger but not really enough to demand the addition of ballast. Lift was great when you caught it – but the horrid sink on the return home from downwind caught out many pilots. One AULD round saw every plane land out bar one, who buried the group by returning solo to the landing area. By the end of round 5 the skies were threatening, lunch was on it’s way and the radar said rain was imminent so the decision as made and we packed up and returned to the pavilion area to have lunch.
David and Tom and Co had mowed the field down pretty good with a slasher but we all had to be very careful with the gopher/armadillo holes hidden in the grass. My timer and fast improving flyer Mickie Nowell put his foot in one on launch and eneded up laying on the ground trying to fly his plane. Nasty swelling resulted but he completed the 5 rounds gallantly.
Thankyou to Ed, Tom, Dave and anyone else who organised the contest in San Felasco. You have a great flying site and we had a great time flying with you today. Sorry I did not copy the scores so I hope Tom Shupe will post them tonite. No prizes for guessing the winner – JW but I would really like to congratulate Ed White on a great day with a new plane for finishing 2nd. Good on yer mate!

Looking forward to our next FL DLG outing in late September maybe at the Buzzards????? Raed????


Here is a link to The Gordon Report on RCGroups.

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