Meeting minutes Dec 2017

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Minutes for December 2017 Meeting
This meeting was held on December 2 at the Seminole State Oviedo college field and called to order at 10:00 AM by president Raed Elazzawi. Approximately 12 members and 2 guests were present.
Minutes of the October 2017 meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer’s report was presented by Lewis Gray. Current balance is $6054.34. Paid membership is 39 and attendees were reminded that 2018 dues are due in January. Tangerine financial details will be presented at a later date but Lewis reported that gross income was $1367.00.
Old Business
Toys for Tots (FSS6) contest coming up in 2 weeks at the Ft Christmas field. Toy donations are welcome at any time.
Access to the Ft Christmas field has been restored.
Rocket group plans launches on 30 December – their date was moved to accommodate FSS6 for us.
Gate hinges at Ft Christmas field have been broken. Jody Miller suggested that the club go ahead and fix it. Jody will assess the repair effort and then approach Trudy (park POC) about proceeding.
New Business
Potential new member Fred Baker was introduced.
Access to the college will be closed during the holidays and Raed will try to post a schedule of campus closures. Raed did not receive any response to queries on construction of a tower at the campus field but subsequently noticed construction away from the field area along the paved access road.
Tangerine comments: Raed praised all of the support from club members that made his job as CD much easier. He mentioned that the lottery was successful and netted about $625.
The meeting was adjourned at about 10:50 AM and was followed by a briefing by Mickey Nowell on plans to bid for hosting the 2021 F3K (DLG) world championships on Disney property.
Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway

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