June 2013

Orlando Buzzards
Meeting Minutes for June 1st, 2013
The June meeting was held at the Barr Street field and called to order at 10 am by president Raed Elazzawi. 5 members were present.
Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer’s report:
Lewis Grey presented his report.
Old business:
FSS # 2 Ocala hosted by the Pompano Flyers with Buzzards equipment had a low turnout with income of only $50 to the Buzzards!
New business:
Entry fee split for the ALES event between the Buzzards and OCFRCA were discussed, members present decided since it is a “Buzzards” sponsored event then the fees should be split! Members also recommended for future events to declare the host club and get permission to use the field from OCFRCA .
OCFRCA president Larry Epifanio requested a loan in the amount of $2500 from the Buzzards for runway construction at the Christmas field, members present recommended this matter be presented to all Buzzards for a decision!
Some concerns were mentioned:
1-A commitment to repayment
2-Offer a lesser amount
3-OCFRCA members should be subject to an asessment
4-Provisions for a smoother sailplane field entry road
5-Offer limited # lifetime membership (example $500 for 5 members)
Meeting was adjourned at around 11:30
Minutes submitted by Raed Elazzawi, club president.

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