Bent Wing Series #2 05/03/09

May 3rd 2009
Report by Rich Kiburis

Sunday dawned bright and sunny with a light breeze that would build to a level that would effect the outcome of round two. With only eleven entrants, we attacked the air with tasks of seven rounds of seven minutes and graduated tape landings. Don Grisham was the first to taste the breeze with a pop off in round one that resulted in a treed plane on the north side of the field. A few rounds later our ace club experts, who’s names shall remain anonymous (Rick and Al), made off field landings that dropped them out of the hunt. Our new club member from down under, Gordon Buckland, hung in there for the win. Congratulations Gordon. You’re toast next round, mate. Here are the results of round two:
Gordon Buckland 3108
Rusty Carver 2752
Rich Kiburis 2738
Jim MacLean 2524
Kris Van Nostran 2346
Rick Eckel 2313
Al Parsons 1732
Raed Elazzawi 1685
Jamie Buckland 1177
Chris Manley 433
Don Grisham 0

Totals for round one and two:
Rich Kiburis 5502
Gordon Buckland 5402
Rusty Carver 5348
Jim MacLean 5261
Rick Eckel 4927
Kris Van Nostran 4730
Al Parsons 4344
Ray Alonzo 2578
Tom Galloway 2076
Kurt Carlson 2009
Raed Elazzawi 1685
Jamie Buckland 1177
Hank McDaniel 1141
Jim Blacketer 1060
Chris Manley 433
Leife Francisco 0
Don Grisham 0
See ya for round three in Sept
Rich Kiburis, CD

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