Soaring Articles

Much can be learned from the experience of others. We are fortunate to have a hobby where many expert flyers in the past have recorded their experiences and knowledge for the benefit of others. We have collected together many articles on various subjects relative to Radio Control Soaring and reprinted them here. Read these articles and apply the principles taught and become a better pilot. Thankyou to all the many writers who have provided us with this valuable resource.

Professional Fuselage Tail Boom Repair – Dennis Harvey

The Physics of an F3J Launch – Dennis Harvey

Trimming Your Sailplane – Brian Agnew

Mixing Full-house Sailplanes – Rick Eckel

Aileron Differential – Jim Rimmer

Gordy’s Sailplane Balancing System – Gordy Stahl

Where to Fly – Frank Weston

Using the Rudder in Thermal Flying – Mark Drela

Maximizing Launch Potential – Joe Wurts

Martin Weberschock’s Launch setup

No More “Pop-Offs” – Gordon Buckland

Daryl Perkins “Launch Meister”

Understanding the JR Propo X-388S Radio – Part I – Rick Eckel

Understanding the JR Propo X-388S Radio – Part 2 – Rick Eckel

Understanding the JR Propo X-388S Radio – Part 3 – – Rick Eckel

JR XP9303 Sailplane Manual – Sherman Knight

JR XP9303 Sailplane Setup Addendum – Joe Wurts

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