Bent Wing Challenge Series 2009

2009 Bent Wing Challenge
This contest series was CD’d by long time stalwart of the Buzzards club Rich Kiburis. The contest series was sponsored by the Orlando Buzzards at the club’s field. Dates set were April 18th, May 3rd, September 5th , and October 3rd. Pilots meeting was held for each contest at 9:30am with first flight @ 10:00am. First round 5 minute max, and the remainder of the 7 rounds at 7 minutes max. Landing requirements were announced at the Pilots meeting before each contest . Generally consisted of a runway style landing for either 25, 50, 75 or 100 points. One pop off per day allowed per flyer. One class of RES was flown as per AMA para. 3.1.6 for event 460, RES class sailplanes. Entry Fee for this series was $10.00 per day. Total scores for the four days of flying during the year was added up to determine the winners. Trophies were awarded to third place. Buzzards provided a free lunch at the field each day of the series per Rusty’s famous barbeque. The Gordon Report for each event in the series was posted on RCGroups.
Links below.
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