Meeting minutes Oct 2022

Orlando Buzzards

Minutes for October 2022 Meeting

This meeting was held on October 15 at the Ft Christmas field and called to order at about 1000 AM by president Raed Elazzawi.  Approximately 12 members were present.

Minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Lewis Gray, there are 41 members on the club roster.

Old Business  

FSS09 (ALES) held here on September 24 and run by the Pompano club.  There were 11 participants.

FSS10 (F3RES) held here on October 8 with 7 participants.

Raed mentioned that Tangerine is coming up on Nov 18-20 and helpers are needed.

New Business   

The Buzzards and the Pompano club will conduct a mixed launch contest (FSS 11 & 12) at our field on October 22 & 23.

The rocket group plans to conduct launches in the sailplane area on October 29.

The field will be closed to RC flying on December 3 & 4 for the Ft Christmas Cracker Festival.  Rob Blakeslee invited club members to his lake access for float plane flying on December 3.

Former member Mike Teders donated some kits that may be used as raffle items at Tangerine.

The club discussed planning for a BBQ at the field sometime in November.

The meeting was adjourned at about 1020 AM.

Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway

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