April 2024 UCF senior design team test flight. Youtube




Our own club member Zach Swain and his UCF team test flew their UCF Senior Design project with “test pilot” Wayne Collier at the controls. 


You Tube video: Range Extending Glider















Toys for Tots benefit event Dec 2022

Read Dennis Harvey’s article “The Physics of an F3J Launch” which has recently been published in Model Aviation magazine: The Physics of an F3J Launch


Lee Bailey is working with these UCF seniors helping them get their project get off the ground safely.













Photo courtesy of Scott Keating.

The Orlando Buzzards are a non-profit organization of RC (radio control) soaring enthusiasts established for the enjoyment of soaring by its members.The members participate in both competition and sport flying of model sailplanes. Members build and fly gliders of all sizes – ranging from as small as 24 inch wingspan to some over 16 feet.


Photo courtesy of Scott Keating.



Photo courtesy of Scott Keating.

These soaring machines are usually launched up to 600 feet into the air with an electric winch, or an electric motor mounted in the nose, to begin soaring flight. At that point the pilot steers the airplane to where he believes there are rising currents of air to keep his model aloft.


Photo courtesy of Scott Keating.


Sometimes flights can last for over an hour and in good conditions even a beginner can keep his sailplane airborne for a long time. The pastime is challenging but always fun and regular contests are conducted for the enjoyment of the members and visitors. Most Saturday mornings members can be found at the local flying field flying and trimming their models.

If you would like to participate please contact one of the members listed on this page.


Photo courtesy of Scott Keating.


Our newly painted sign posts, and new wind sock, courtesy of Lee, Sharon Bailey, and Doug Leonard.


Al Parsons and Rick Eckel preparing a sailplane for flight

Al Parsons and Rick Eckel prepare to launch a sailplane


Winners of the Gentle Lady Challenge 2005

Winners of the Gentle Lady Challenge 2005

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