Gentle Lady “Plus” Oviedo April 30 2011

Gentle Lady “Plus” Orlando Florida Saturday April 30th at 10 am


The tradition continued with a fun filled easy going day in Orlando for this year’s Gentle Lady contest. All 2 meter or smaller rudder elevator gliders were welcome and raed had prepared awards to third place in expert and third place in sportsman, in addition to a special trophy for the highest scoring pilot flying a Gentle Lady. As always beginners were strongly encouraged to attend as this contest was initiated to attract newbees (thanks Ed White).
Raed added one more fun factor, the task being in the “ladder” format starting with 4 minutes and going up in one minute increments each round. You would be required to make that time before you could move up to the next.
For example:
round one:
pilot A scores 4:10 (gets 240 points plus landing points)
Pilot B scores 3:50 (gets 230 points plus landing points)

so for round two, pilot A tries for 5 minutes, while pilot B tries for 4 minutes.

You needed to land within 30 seconds after you made your time to get landing points, and there was no penalty (and no extra points either) for going over your time up to the 30 seconds landing window!

Pilots meeting was at 9:45 and flying got uinder way before 10 am. Entry fee was $10 which included Grilled Burgers and dogs on the Buzzards grill out.
Raed said “Now that I got that out of the way… It was nice to see some new faces: Roger and Doug from Lakeland, Jim standafer from Palatka who has been away from the contest circuit for a while. John Du Frane one of the newer Buzzards competing for the first time, last but not least Bill (watch out for those guys with the free flight background ) Staley who showed us where the thermals are a few times. I forgot to say thanks at the end of the contest to the guys that helped run the contest:
Rich and Alan for setup and breakdown
Tom and Bill for cooking.
Tom for being a winch master.
Gordon for scoring
And everybody for running the retriever throughout the contest.
As always it was truly enjoyable hosting the 2011 Gentle Lady “Plus” contest, I hope I was not too much of a hard ass with my rules, and I hope everybody enjoyed the new format.”

Final results were.
Jody (Art Hobby Sky)
Raed (GL)
Rich (Art Hobby)

Best GL Raed,He beat Al by 14 seconds. Split between first and third was around 40 seconds
Flying downwind was deadly for more than one flier. 🙂

Round by Round Scores 2011 Gentle Lady Plus

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