Gainesville DLG – 05/09/09

Report by Ed,
Weather was great. We were able to get in the 7 rounds as planned.
I’m sure Peter will be posting some of his fantastic pictures as soon as he is able.
There is talk of the next contest being held in Orlando within the next two months.
Unofficial results from the May 2009 San Felasco Soaring contest:

Vic Tyber 6000.0
Tom Shupe 5827.5
Peter Jensen 5545.4
Rufus Holton 5418.2
Ed White 5290.3
Dave Forbes 5218.8
Raed Elazzawi 4245.8
Roy Berkelhammer 3961.4

Link to RCGroups thread here.

Great photos in this Gallery courtesy of Peter Jensen and his brace of lenses. Thankyou Peter.

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