Meeting minutes June 2017

Orlando Buzzards R/C Club meeting Minutes
3 June 2017

Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.
11 Members were present.

Minutes from the May meeting were read. Motion was made that may minutes be approved, 2nded and approved.
Treasurer, Lewis Grey was not at the meeting, so no Treasurer’s report was given:
Old Business:
Raed reported that the FSS -3A contest was held on 20 May, 2017 at the Christmas field. Turnout was good, and contestants liked the new Buzzard’s field.
The Rocket club launch scheduled for 27 May was cancelled due to the dry conditions, and has been re-scheduled for 24 June. It was pointed out that the DLG fliers had planned an event for the same day. It is believed that there is adequate space for both events to be held concurrently. The rocket club gives warning before launch, so as long as folks stat alert, there should be not issue.
New Business:
Alex Kienle who has been visiting the club, applied for membership. A motion was made to approve Alex’s application, accepted, and was approved. Welcome the the Club, Alex.
A brief discussion was had regarding the general procedures for flying at the field, as some members park need the pavilion, and on other occasions, people park in the field. Raed pointed out that it is intention of the club to mow a section out in the middle of the field with an area for sailplane launch/landing, and a runway adjacent to it. Club members were informed that we are allowed to drive out and park in the field, though there can be soft spots, so drive with caution. It was also suggested that members flying during the week close the gate behind them when they enter.
Raed informed the members, that a group involved in FPV wing racing is interested in having the buzzards host an event in the fall at the Christmas field. There was a discussion regarding the potential for noise associated with that type of event, the proximity of the field to the nearest neighbors, and the fact that our club is new to that location and want to remain in good standing with the county and neighbors. After discussion, a vote was held as to whether we should host the event, and the majority of members present voted to decline to host the event. Raed took an action to inform the FPV Group.
A member reported that while flying at the Seminole State College field, they were approached by the college security. The security staff did understand we had permission to be there, but did inform the member that the college is considering building a soccer field at that location.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:30

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