Meeting Minutes July 1st 2017

This meeting was held July 1 at the Fort Christmas field.  The meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM by president Raed Elazzawi.  Approximately 12 members were present.

Minutes of the June 2017 meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Lewis Gray, Paid membership is 37.

Old Business

The rocket group conducted launches at the Fort Christmas field last week and coordination with our flying activity worked out well.

The FPV racing group was notified via email by Raed that we could not support their activity at the Fort Christmas field.

New Business

Upcoming events:

– FSS4 on 16 and 17 September at the St Augustine club field.

Tangerine planning:

– Raffle:  Jody Miller will work with Steve Blake and Gordon Buckland to set this up

– Trophies:  Jody will again make his custom trophies

Storage shed:  We want to move the storage shed from the college field site but Orange County will not permit us to place it on the Fort Christmas site.  We decided to wait awhile and ask again later.


The meeting was adjourned at about 10:45 AM.

Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway

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