DLG Contests 2009

With active fliers at the Buzzards and a great group of hand launch pilots in Gainesville we flew quite a few contests in 2009. We were joined during the year by more new flyers also as the popularity of DLG continues to grow.
Links to the contest reports are below.

First contest for the year was at the San Felasco Field Feb 21-22, 2009.

2nd Contest was at the Buzzards field Apr 4th 2009

3rd Contest was at the Buzzards field June 6th, 2009

4th Contest was at Gainesville May 9th, 2009

5th Contest was at Buzzards Oct 31st, 2009

6th Contest was at Gainesville Aug 22nd, 2009

7th Contest was at Buzzards at Tangerine Nov 27th, 2009

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