ALES Electric Soaring Series

A new class of soaring has been developing in USA called Altitude Limited Electric Soaring or ALES. We have 4 events scheduled in a series in 2011 with two events to be held at the Buzzards field and 2 events at the Fantasy of Flight field near Lakeland. A website and a League has been started by the ALES enthusiasts and can be visited here.

Flying Report on ALES No 1. Jan 8 2011 Buzzards Oviedo.

Flying Report on ALES No 2. May 21 2011 – Lakeland

Flying Report on ALES No 3. July 30 2011 – Buzzards Field

Flying Report on ALES No 4. October 15 2011 – Lakeland

A thread on RCGroups has been also dedicated to the events discussion.

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