38th Annual Tangerine Championships

Our annual November event is growing with the re-introduction of Man on Man scoring and a new date one week before Thanksgiving.

The Tangerine Soaring Championship is arguably the oldest annual Thermal Duration Contest still scheduled every year in USA. Beginning in 1973, the Orlando Buzzards Radio Control Soaring Society have conducted this premier Soaring contest every year and have attracted more than 100 entrants in some years. Part of the attraction is the timing of the event which has always been during the cooler months when enthusiasts from the North can no longer fly due to the weather. Florida is an attractive destination for itchy Northern thumbs that haven’t seen a transmitter in months. The contest has been attended by a who’s who of US and international soaring talent and to this day is still a “must do” event for every RC thermal contest pilot. Early in the championships evolution the date for “The Tangerine” was always early in the year. In recent times the Thanksgiving weekend has been the choice with more flyers able to attend a Friday, Saturday Sunday event. This year 2011 it was decided to rty the weekend prior to Thanksgiving to attract more attendees from the North. The Tangerine contest format has always included a Grand Champion on Sunday where the best pilot for the entire weekend is crowned. This year we also decided to have two awards. Ones for the best aggregate total scores in UnL for the two days of Sat and Sunday and also the traditional sudden death fly-off between the best 5 pilots. The 2011 event was held on NOVEMBER 18, 19 and 20, 2011.
These links will take you to each report on the flying fun each day of the 38th Tangerine.

Friday 18th DLG and RES Contests

Saturday 19th Nov 2011 – Unlimited

Sunday 20th Nov 2011 – Unlimited

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