Meeting minutes Oct 2015

This meeting was held on October 3 at the Christmas field. The meeting was called to order at 10:15 am by president Raed Elazzawi. 6 members and 1 guest were present.

Minutes of the September meeting were read by Lewis Gray. A motion to approve was made and passed.
The treasurer’s report was presented by Lewis Gray. There are presently 30 paid members on the roster.

Old Business
The president had no old business.
Lewis asked about the status of plans to add signs at the entrance gate advising flying limitations. The president advised no news.

New Business
Jim Tomasetti, visiting from the Rocket City club, advised that there is presently no flying there, citing zoning issues. Raed then outlined the membership process for joining the Buzzards club.
For Tangerine, Raed advised that Jody Miller has agreed to do the awards.
At the College field, construction of the loop road is now underway, impacting access. Accordingly, the club is not being permitted access / use of the field until this work is complete. While completion is not expected before year end, there is some potential that this may not occur until the end of January. During this period, the college has advised that there will be no charges for field use fees on a quarterly / pro-rated basis as applicable . Presently, a refund for 5 days in September is anticipated.

Motion to adjourn was made and approved.
Meeting adjourned at about 10:45
Minutes taken by Mark Snyder, submitted by Lewis Gray (Treasurer) – Club Secretary

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