Meeting minutes Mar 2021

Orlando Buzzards

Minutes for March 2021 Meeting

This meeting was held on March 6 at the Ft Christmas field and called to order at 10 AM by president Raed Elazzawi. Approximately eleven members were present.

Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Lewis Gray.  There are 38 members on the club roster now. 

Old Business

The Seminole State College field is no longer available because we had to terminate our use agreement with the college primarily due to mowing issues.  The college has promised to refund the $800 that we paid last year for mowing services that did not occur.  Club members are not allowed to fly at the college field anymore.

An ALES contest (FSS #6) will be held at the Ft Christmas field on 27 March.

New Business   

Field flying operations were reviewed and discussed: 

Guest flying:   guests must be AMA members, field rules must be explained, and, guest flying is preferred on the weekends vice mid-week so that guests become familiar with members and procedures.

Flying areas are generally defined as two main areas:  power aircraft operate in the northwest mowed area near the barn, and sailplanes operate in the larger southeast mowed area.  Variations are possible depending on weather conditions and number of fliers.

FPV flying:  per AMA rules, a spotter is required and all flying must be line of sight.  Flights must stay within confines of our field (same area as gliders).

Orange County parks POC:  Former POC Trudy has been temporarily replaced by Stephanie on Monday through Thursday.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 AM.

Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway

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