Meeting Minutes October 04, 2014 college field

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Meeting Minutes for October 04, 2014

The October meeting was held at the Oviedo college field and called to order at 10:30 am by president Raed Elazzawi. 7 members were present.
Minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer Lewis Gray presented his report, Roster lists 32 members.
Old Business
Mowing – Christmas field has been too wet to mow. Orange County will mow as soon as it is possible.
Field shelter – Doug Leonard presented design options:
– All wood construction, $1700-1800 cost, much labor required, difficult to relocate
– Metal panel/tube carport type, approximately $1800 including installation
– Pole/panel type, $1800 with three 18×18 residential grade panels or $700 with single panel
Further discussion was tabled until December when the field dries out.
New Business
Tangerine – Raed proposed an addition to club bylaws to ensure compliance with IRS rules for non-profit organizations which limit outside income to 35% of total. Since much of our income is derived from contest entry fees and major events such as Tangerine draw many entrants from outside the club, this change is intended to grant temporary membership to entrants of major events such as Tangerine. The proposed change would be added to Bylaws Section V (Membership) as item (3):
“Entrants to major contests shall be offered a 30 day temporary membership to be compliant with IRS tax exempt corporation income requirements. The cost of this membership is included in the contest entry fee.”
This bylaw addition will be voted on at the next (November) meeting.
Next hosted contest will be ALES on Oct 25. The location was changed to the Oviedo college field due to potentially wet conditions at the Christmas field.
Meeting was adjourned at about 1120.
Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway – Club secretary

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