Flying fields

The Orlando buzzards maintain two great flying fields in the area, our old field is in Oviedo at Seminole State College (SSC), and our new field in Christmas across from the Fort Christmas Historical Park.

Update, Feb 2016:

Construction of the Loop road at Seminole State College Oviedo campus, is now complete, access to the flying field is restored.


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Members and guests of the Orlando Buzzards have access to a beautiful mowed flying field off Old Lockwood Road via the “rear” entrance to the Seminole State College in Oviedo. (Access is no longer available from Red Ember Road.) 

The Christmas field offers a 25 acre Sailplane field, a 17 acre electris airplane field, and a nice size pond for boats or float flying.
Construction update
Construction of the East Orange County Sports Complex is underway, access to the Christmas field is temporarily unavailable! Access to the “Power field” will resume once construction ends.
We now have access to a new field located at 1543 North Fort Christmas Road, Christmas FL 32709
Directly across from the Historical Fort Christmas Park

Pilots who fly at our flying fields should bear in mind that no gas powered planes of any sort are permitted. Only sailplanes and  electric airplanes are to be flown. Fliers should also remember that we only keep our flying fields by being good neighbors so be careful with your plane. (It is especially important to keep planes away from the horses on the southern side of the SSC field. This area above the horse barns is a “no fly” zone and the only time you should be above this are is if you are more than 3 times the tree height.) The Christmas field is designated 2.4 only due to the close proximity to the Rocket City club.

Club members are usually flying on Saturdays between 9:00am and 4:00pm but some fly at other times during the week also. If you want to visit us and be sure that someone is at the field please contact one of the club members listed on this page to arrange a suitable time.
All are welcome.

Oviedo Field
(Access is no longer available from Red Ember Road.)
Take Lockwood Boulevard south from SR419 past the Mitchell-Hammock intersection about 2 miles to Old Lockwood Road (at the new Seminole State College complex) and turn left.
Follow Old Lockwood Road about 100 yards and turn left into the entrance of the Seminole State College. Drive to the stop sign (about 200 yards) and continue straight ahead about 15 yards until you reach the cross walk, turn right onto the cross walk, stay on the concrete pad and turn right in between the pond the pump area, continue around the pond, turn right onto the dirt road to the field.

GPS Coordinates:
28d 37′.39.6″ N  (28.6276)
81d 09′.59.9″ W  (-81.1666)

Fort Christmas field 

Sign going east on 50

Going east on HWY 50 turn left at this sign.

Sign going west on 50

Going west on HWY 50 turn right at this sign.

(The main gate is near 1543 N Fort Christmas Rd. Christmas, FL 32709)
Take Hwy 50 (Colonial Dr.) east of Orlando, about 4 miles east of the Hwy 520 exit, turn left on Fort Chrismas Rd,  Or about 10 miles west of I95, turn right on Fort Christmas Rd, drive for 1.9 miles, field is on the right.

GPS Coordinates:

28°33’51″N (28.5642)
81° 01’15″W (-81.0210)


Field view towards the west.

Great shot to west by Raed Elazzawi with sailplane in foreground (SSC field).

Looking North west

Overhead (SSC field) looking towards the southeast. Courtesy of Raed Elazzawi.


“The Barn” at the Fort Christmas field is a great place to set up airplanes, enjoy the shade, hang a hammock… or just hang out.

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