Meeting minutes Aug 2016

Orlando Buzzards
Minutes for August 2016 Meeting
This meeting was held August 6 at the Christmas field. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by president Raed Elazzawi. A total of 10 members were present, and one guest.
Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.
Lewis Gray read the Treasurer’s report for July. Receipts from contests totaled $384, with total expenses of $2,101.42. The club has a paid membership of 34 members.
Old Business
The rocketry club will be sharing access to the electric field on the 3rd Sunday of every month. The Buzzards may or may not be able to use the runway during the time that the rocket club is using the space; the details of how the two clubs will work together are still being worked out. A member witnessed a recent launch day and through coordination with the club was able to use the field in between launches. A member noticed that the lock belonging to the rocket club was not properly located in series with the other locks on the gate(s), which would prevent access by the rocket club. Members were asked to pay attention when applying the Buzzards’ lock such that the rocket club is able to access the field.
New Business
During the course of repairing the road leading to the sailplane field, a load of dirt was placed near the electric field for use in improving the field. It was agreed that a work day would occur the following Saturday August 13 to repair the field. Mark Snyder agreed to compose an email to the membership requesting participation.
Sailplane Day is planned for December 17, 2016 at the Christmas field, the goal of which is to promote the RC flying sport in the Orlando area. Club members will demonstrate sailplanes, parkflyers, and other RC aircraft as available. Members should spread the word to other organizations including Boy Scout troops, news organizations, AMA, Model Airplane News magazine and others. Success of the event will require heavy participation by club members.
Tangerine 43 will be held Friday November 18 – Sunday November 20 at Kenny World, Morriston, FL. This is the club’s most significant source of revenue, and member participation is needed to support the effort.
Good of the Order
The group discussed the FAA extension of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft and how it affects club operations.
The meeting was adjourned at about 10:40 AM.
Minutes submitted by Mark Snyder

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