Meeting minutes Oct 2019

Orlando Buzzards

Minutes for October 2019 Meeting

This meeting was held on October 19 at the Ft Christmas field and called to order at 10:20 AM by president Raed Elazzawi.  Five members were present.

Minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was not available.

Old Business

Tangerine preparations:

– Raffle contributions are hard to obtain as reported by Lee Bailey.  Steve B and Lee will continue to search for willing vendors and to work with Graves RC for deals.

– Trophies:  Raed is purchasing trophy cups since they are less expensive than plaques. 

-FSS#13 ALES held at the Ft Christmas field on September 28 had 12 contestants.

– FSS #14-15 was at San Felasco on October 12 (10 flyers) and  Oct 13 (7 flyers) . The Buzzards made $75 for the use of club equipment.

New Business

Upcoming events:

– FSS ALES at St Augustine on October 26-27.

– FSS F3RES at Ft Christmas on November 9-10.

Club request for marker balls on the power lines over the Ft Christmas field was denied by the county parks management.

The meeting was adjourned at about 1045 AM.

Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway

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