Meeting Minutes July 5th 2014 at the Christmas field

Meeting Minutes for July 5th, 2014
The meeting was called to order at 10:15am on the Christmas field by President Raed Elazzawi. Six
members were present.
The minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.
Lewis Gray gave the Treasure’s Report. Lewis reported that we gained one new member during the report period and that we currently have 31 members in the club.
Raed reported that he is still looking for a shipping container to locate on the field for storage of
launching and mowing equipment. Containers are proving to be more expensive than anticipated and
Raed is looking for a deal.
Lewis and Raed reported on the installation of the pig barriers around and on the runway area. Initial
indications seem to be that they are having the desired effect but further observations will be needed.
There was some discussion about the best arrangement of the barriers to allow mowing and continuing
Raed reported that the college field mowing has been scheduled for the rest of the year. The schedule
should keep that field in good shape for weekday and Saturday fliers.
It was noted that or F3J team members are scheduled to depart for Slovakia on July 6th or 7th. The pre-
contest warm-ups will lead up to the July 14th thru July 19th World Championship. Anyone looking to
follow the action should sign-on to RC Groups and check out the Soaring-F3X section.
Raed reported that the Summer Solstice HLG contest was a success with 16 pilots participating. This was
(and will continue to be) a sanctioned Buzzard’s contest. Because of the late arrangements for the
contest it was not quite as well attended as anticipated. The attendee from the greatest distance (and a
major supporter) was Oleg Golovodov from North Carolina. It is anticipated that the event will grow
next year as more pilots become aware of the event.
Some discussion was held about the application for tax exempt status for the corporation. Exactly how
this will be undertaken will be discussed by the Board at a future meeting. Lewis indicated that to meet
requirements of one type of tax exempt will require differentiating income from members vs. non-
Two new members, Charlie Monroe and Dave Henderson, were voted into the club.
There was no further new business
The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 am.
Respectfully submitted:
Rick Eckel – Vice President

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