Meeting minutes Apr 2017

Minutes for April/March 2017 Meeting
This meeting was held April 15 at the Fort Christmas field. The meeting was called to order at 10:15 AM by president Raed Elazzawi. Approximately 11 members were present.
Minutes of the February 2017 meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer’s report was not available.
Old Business
Former Christmas field – Construction for the sports complex located in our sailplane area has commenced. We expect to regain access to the runway area when construction is complete.
New field – Orange County provided club with access to a large open field east of Ft Christmas.
FSS #2 – Club expecting some income for use of our launch equipment at this St Augustine event.
Palm Bay site – a group of FSS members visited a large open site near Palm Bay on 12 Feb to assess suitability as a sailplane contest site. The open area is a failed housing development with paved streets that is very inviting as a flying site. The group met with some local free flight modelers who welcomed the RC activity
New Business
DLG world championships – Club members Dillon and Brayden will compete in this event in July and the team needs about $18000 more. Therefore, the Buzzards voted to donate $500 to the event’s raffle.
FPV Racing – this group may hold a contest at our Ft Christmas site in October and we may earn some revenue through entry fees.
New Member – Richard Baker was voted in as a new club member.
Upcoming contests include FSS3 in Ocala on 29/30 April, and FSS3A at Ft Christmas field on 20 May.
Field Procedures – a general discussion of flight operations at the new Ft Christmas field was held. Field entry is through the center gate at Ft Christmas Road where the club sign is posted. Our lock is installed as a single link in the chain. The inner secondary gate is closed with only a chain. Flight line orientation will depend upon wind direction but in general, we should park in the center of the field. If both sailplane and power fliers wish to operate concurrently, a back-to-back flight line set-up is recommended. As always, the last member to leave the field is responsible for locking the gate.
The meeting was adjourned at about 11:00.
Minutes submitted by Tom Galloway

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