Radio Programming for Soarers

As I have recently (2009) returned to RC Soaring after a 23 years absence, the most difficult part of my comeback has been understanding how to program a radio. In 1986 the radio had 6 or 7 channels of which 2 or three were on sliders or toggles and mixing was done in the aircraft using a mechanical mixer. It certainly has been challenging for me and would have taken much longer to understand were it not for the exceptional work many experienced modellers have done in writing manuals on the subject. Our own Buzzard – Rick Eckel wrote a very comprehensive manual on the nuances of the JR 388 in 1994 and the content (being still relevant) can be read on one of these sub pages.

John Adams wrote an excellent manual for JR on the programming of the 9303 especially for sailplanes. I have read this JR manual many times, but must confess I still find it difficult to both understand and remember later when I am at the flying field.

Joe Wurts wrote an extremely good addendum to John Adams original manual in 2005. This addendum certainly helped me to learn the ropes quickly with my first computer radio – the JR 9303. We have re-published these manuals in the sub pages below so you too can find them easily and program your radio properly to optimize your sailplane.
Gordon Buckland

Mixing “Full House” sailplanes.

Understanding the JR Propo X-388S Radio – Part I

Understanding the JR Propo X-388S Radio – Part 2

Understanding the JR Propo X-388S Radio – Part 3

Programming the JR8103 by Sherman Knight

JR XP9303 Sailplane Manual – Part 1

JR XP9303 Sailplane Manual – Part 2

JR XP9303 Sailplane Setup Addendum

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