2M Challenge No 3. 08-18-12 IRKS

Really nice day for soaring with a lot of early cloud and a slightly larger turnout promised to make this 2 Meter contest a little more interesting.
The day developed quickly with Thunderstorms threatening from the west before lunchtime requiring an early end to the contest.
Four rounds were flown with Rich Kiburis making the most of the conditions taking the points for the win.

If the measure of success of a contest style can be based on the enthusiam of the participants then the 2M series is going to need an injection from somewhere outside of the IRKS and the Buzzards. Though some of us are very enthusiastic and intent on having fun – this does not apply to all and I think it will surely die a quick death unless those pilots that once championed it’s existence begin to act like they want to see it continue. It isn’t much fun to be the only pilot who has attended all three events this year unless I know others really want to enjoy the series too. As you all may already know – I will come out and fly (if at all possible) regardless of the type of event or class of sailplane because I just want to fly and compete with others.
The 2M format is challenging and that is what makes it fun and educational.
What do you all think we need to do to get this Rich Kiburis conceived series healthy again? …. or are you all happy to let it wither?

2012-2M-No3-IRKS Scores Round by Round

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