New sailplanes all round

Sunday Feb 7th dawned a little breezy and chilly. We managed to get in some good air early. Then the day was breezy on and off and the sun came out just before noon. Ed sent the new Xplorer up and it flew pretty well from what I could see. Al maidened his new Shadow. Jody and I got in some boomers. I turned my club application & check in to Mr. Eckel. LSF aspirant paperwork is on the way also : ) Here’s a few pics from the day.
Story and photos by Rick Horlander

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  1. rairwalk says:

    Forgive me for not being as thorough as Gordon with the report. I don’t want to leave out Rick Eckel, Rich, & Rusty who also showed up to brave the early chill. Rusty had a great flight over the north trees working some far out lift. Rick was generous helping with the retrieving and Rich, with his unknown compilation bird practiced some spot landings. At one time we all heard a loud thud followed by a collective Ohhh from everyone. Looking over at Rich the first words out of his mouth were “Sometimes you just gotta do it”.


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