Dillon Graves on quest for USA F3J Junior Team selection

John Graves 12 Year Old son Dillon is one of the countries finest young pilots and is very comfortable at the sticks of any RC model plane. His dad has taught him to fly at a very young age and Dillon spends a lot of time on the computer flyin ghte simulator to improve his skills. Recently during a visit to Florida by Mike Verzuh (last years World Championship winning F3J Team manager) Dillon was encouraged to try Soaring and attended the FSS2 event at the IRKS field to see what RC soaring was all about.  John acquired Kris Van Nostrans Pike Perfect to get Dillon started and Kris provided some initial lessons on the model. Dillon is now capably flying the Pike and today Jody and I spent a few hours in very gusty conditions working with him on launch, landing and thermalling. There is no doubt in our mind that he can quickly become a competition winning sailplane pilot and we intend to provide all the support and assistance we can to train him up in time to be a contender for the junior team at the US team selects later this year. If you see Dillon at the IRKS or Buzzards fields please offer him the encouragement this fine young man deserves.


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