Flying report today Jan 16th (Was Appreciation day)

Was a reasonable day at the field today. Even though the Appreciation day was re-scheduled and Raed sent out an email – a few did not receive it – so it was good to meet with Hank and John and Mike and a couple of others who did turn up out there expecting to see a crowd. We gave them the new date of Jan 30th to return for the real Appreciation Day.
Meanwhile Dave Forbes flew DLG and we checked out his Eraser Extreme but radio problems did not allow him to fly it today. I flew a few sorties with the High End and practiced landings with Leife Francisco. I showed him how we plan an approach to get some consistency with the timing of the landing. We plan to practice that with Leife flying his bird next time out. Costa flew his DLG with Dave and I finally got my 2M “Wood Duck” in the air. I love this old bird. She has heaps of wing and flys much better than the Laser 2M I flew last weekend. She also launches unbelievably high. Looking forward to getting her out on a good day.
The conditions were very warm and slightly breezy most of the morning with cloud obscuring the sun. By the time Jody Miller rolled up, the wind had increased considerably and flying wasn’t quite so pleasant as earlier.
Jody specifically came out to the field today to provide a Christmas gift to Costa and Leife – A present of Jody’s old Edge for Costa and Leife to learn to fly full house. What a wonderful gesture by Jody and I am sure that Costa and Leife are extremely happy with the gift. Good Karma points there Jody! Well done and well done Buzzards. We need a lot more of this sort of club spirit in the Buzzards! Very encouraging stuff indeed. A good day was had and we look forward to next weekend’s Gainesville DLG bash. CU there.

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  1. fdnyjery says:

    Nice words Jody, Costa and Lief, yes the buzzards are a unique society. Friendly, Helpfull, knowledgeable. Its fun just being at the field and listening to the banter that goes back and forth,and boy the guys are quick with the retorts :o)) I think you would have to search long and hard to find a better group of guys, and did i mention Pilot Ability.Just go down the line Rick ,Allan Rich , Raied, Tom,Lewis,Don, and a bunch more…all these guys are top shef pilots. I am very proud to be a Buzzard. fdnyjery aka jerry

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