Buzzards Appreciation Day

Title: Buzzards Appreciation Day
Location: Buzzards Field Oviedo
Description: My fellow buzzards
Mark your calendars, Saturday Jan 16th is “Buzzards appreciation day” where we meet at the field, get to know each other, share ideas to promote our hobby and support our club. Our friends at Rocket City club do this several times a year and they enjoy it. So bring your favorite food item, a salad, bag of chips, a desert item etc, the club will provide burgers, hot dogs, and drinks. I especially ask people who fly helicopters, and electric plane, also people who only fly on weekdays, to show up and share their interests and ideas. Bring your helicopters, electric planes, sailplanes, cars, boats, blimps, birds…(did I miss anything?) for food and fun at the field.
Start Time: 08:00
Date: 2010-01-16
End Time: 18:00

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2 Responses to Buzzards Appreciation Day

  1. Raed Elazzawi says:

    So far Costa is bringing chocolate cake, and Chris Manley is bringing Snicker doodle cookies.

  2. Raed Elazzawi says:

    The weather forecast is still not looking favorable, so we are rescheduled for Saturday Jan 30.

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